What Is The Hijra Flag, And So What Does It Mean?



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Even though many folks have become familiar with the famous rainbow banner, additionally various other
LGBQT+ flags
that all signify the many gender, sex, destination, and gender diversities inside our fabulous society


Though many queer people determine using the rainbow flag it self, a lot of also need to fly their particular flag alongside it. Because, y’all, representation is vital!

One banner could be the – a banner you might actually have viewed flown any kind of time quantity of satisfaction celebrations internationally, from
…and almost everywhere in-between!

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In Asia, the hijra is a formalized third sex standing. As worshippers associated with the mom Goddess Bahuchara Mata, their own divine capabilities are dependent on their particular

These identities lack an excellent counterpart in sex and intimate orientation taxonomy, and additionally they supply hard to Western notions of intercourse and gender. In India, some Hijras explain themselves perhaps not by their particular sexual positioning but by their own comprehensive lack of sexuality and inform just how sacred abilities are created by changing intimate energy.

One with the username


developed the very first known hijra flag in 2016. The symbolism of banner ended up being explained by


the following:

  • The pinkish history is supposed to end up being uncertain, looking like a green or dark-red according to the method that you view it
  • The head shape with one-half white and one-half greenish is meant to represent Ardhanarishvara (the white half is Lord Shiva, the green 1 / 2 is actually Parvati, the light green center is Ardhanarishvara by themselves).
  • The yellowish band near their neck is supposed to end up being a necklace. In
    , pendants are worn for security and good luck – thus in a sense, they wanted this to represent security for hijras.
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