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Now that we’ve changed the remote branch, our teammate would need to do a git pull to merge in our new merged changes. To setup this scenario, I’ve created another branch on Github called chapter-3-collaboration. Let’s imagine that a teammate has already started working on this branch and they’ve asked you to collaborate with them in finishing out Chapter 3. In our scenario, we want to take the contents of the chapter-2 branch and merge them into main. Said another way, we want to take the current state of main and add in our changes from the chapter-2 branch. As we make changes we’ll see this message change to reflect the differences in our local repository and the origin (GitHub) repository.

  • It nows says that we have some changes that are ready to be “committed.”
  • What’s great about this tutorial is that it also has a section on using GitHub.
  • In Git, everything is persisted in the .git/objects structure, which is the Git Object Database.
  • Which adds all the files in the folder (one file in our case).
  • I will explain this to you with a Survey form web project that I made earlier that wasn’t added to GitHub.

Note that git pull always merges into the current branch,
regardless of what else is given on the command line. Note that in general, Alice would want her local changes committed before
initiating this pull. This creates a new directory myrepo containing a clone of Alice’s
repository. The clone is on an equal footing with the original
project, possessing its own copy of the original project’s history.

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How to check the status of a Git project

We can provide a value to git and git will calculate a unique key for it, which can be used later to retrieve the content. Git is a powerful tool, but it can be overwhelming especially for newcomers. Even for experienced developers, getting stuck in a merge or a rebase conflict is pretty common. Even with extensive blogs available, it can be sometimes tricky to identify the cause, ultimately ending up wasting our productive time. Using the porcelain git tag command, we can give names to commits but we cannot perform reset or any other command which would change the pointer.

This command ensures that the changes in the experimental branch are
already in the current branch. You’ve now stored the first
version of your project in Git. Everything in Git is checksummed before it is stored and is then referred to by that checksum. This means it’s impossible to change the contents of any file or directory without Git knowing about it.

Git Fundamentals

We’re now back on the main branch, and we get a quick status message saying we’re up to date with origin/main. The first thing we need to do is be on the primary branch that we want to merge changes into. Since we want main to absorb the changes from chapter-2, we first need to be on the main branch. Notice that the terminal now shows us on the chapter-2 branch. Changes on the chapter-2 branch will not affect the main branch at all.

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git fundamentals

Now go edit the README.md file to provide information about the repository. This will prompt open an installer if you https://remotemode.net/become-a-front-end-developer/git-fundamentals/ don’t already have git. If you have git already, it’ll just show you which version of git you have installed.

Will I get a certificate after completing the GIT training?

GitHub still thinks that the repo is up to date with what it has seen. This makes sense because we just made that commit, and we haven’t done anything else—we’re still at the point in time where we made that commit. Here, we’ve “saved” the document four times, but at the end of those four saves we now have the first draft of our chapter, and that draft is one “unit of work.”

git fundamentals

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