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  • As such, in 1982, a requirement was drafted to produce an improved, more powerful version of the M88.
  • These safeguards vary based on the sensitivity of the information that we collect, process and store and the current state of technology.
  • The US previously approved a potential sale of 19 M88A2 recovery vehicles to Kuwait for $281m in October 2019.
  • You also hereby acknowledge the right of M88 to change this Policy from time to time as we deem fit and necessary even without your knowledge and conformity.

Earlier this month, France became the first country to agree to send Western-made armored vehicles to Ukraine by approving the transfer of the French-made AMX-10 RC, a 16-ton armored combat and reconnaissance vehicle. This opened the door for other countries to send armored combat vehicles to Kyiv. The Pentagon is sending eight M88A2s to Ukraine along with 31 Abrams tanks.

The cable is around 200 feet (61 meters) long and 1 ⅕ inches (32mm) in diameter. It exits the vehicle via a small port in the front plate of the cab and has a maximum capacity of 45 tons (41 tonnes). The winch is wound/unwound via a hydraulic motor with a winding speed of 42 feet (12.8 meters) per minute.

They each have their own hatch, and three vision blocks per-position. Another issue is that the Pentagon is almost certainly nervous about Russian troops capturing an Abrams and learning its secrets. If a Ukrainian M1 suffers a breakdown or is damaged on the battlefield, it could end up being towed away by the wrong side. Ukrainian troops are under strict orders to destroy high-tech Western equipment, such as the Javelin missile, if they are threatened with capture. If a Ukrainian Army Abrams becomes a battlefield casualty, the Department of Defense wants to make sure the means are available to evacuate it as soon as possible. The vehicle will feature upgraded seven-station hydro-pneumatic suspension units (HSUs) for improved cross country mobility, and performance during recovery operations.

In Vietnam, the M88 would serve alongside the M51, its older, heavier cousin – which was still in service with the US Marine Corps – and the Light Recovery Vehicle M578. In 1987, BMY was granted a contract to produce five improved M88A1s, following the outlines of the M88AX. These vehicles were given the designation of M88A1E1 Improved Recovery Vehicle (IRV). Improvements also included a new hoist boom constructed from hollow, square-profile steel beams, replacing the old tubular steel boom.

Simply put, the M88 has served wherever the US Army has been deployed since 1961. We shall explore a few of its more famous deployments in the following sections. Perhaps its longest deployment was in West Germany with US forces. The M88 also continues to serve in the armed forces of various other nations, from Australia to Egypt. In 2016 the ONS recorded 24.1 million people in England and Wales where were married.

Second to this winch, is the ‘A’ frame boom and accompanying hoist winch. The boom is raised and lowered via hydraulics found on the left and right side of the hull. The boom arm has a forward-reach ranging between 4 feet (1.22 meters) and 8 feet (2.44 meters). At 4 feet of reach, maximum lifting height is 25 feet (7.66 meters), at 8 feet, this is reduced to 22 feet (6.87 meters). The winch is located below the crew compartment with the cable traveling through a tunnel in the cab and emerges from a porthole the roof.

Vertical obstacle crossing of the vehicle will be 1m, whereas trench crossing will be 2.6m. The recovery vehicle will have a maximum speed of 56km/h and a cruising range of 405km. The M88A3 Hercules will be powered by a Caterpillar C32 ACERT diesel engine, which develops a maximum power output of 1,350hp. A $108.4m contract to provide 29 Hercules vehicles to the US Army and 16 vehicles to the US Marine Corps was awarded in August 2011. BAE Systems was awarded a $70m contract to convert 30 US Army M88A1 hulls into M88A2 Hercules vehicles in July 2010, followed by a $165.5m contract for 43 vehicles in July 2011. The US Army placed another order worth $185m with BAE Systems for 90 M88A2 army-configured vehicles and four vehicles for the US Marine Corps in 2008.

Areas with large single populations are often in built-up areas, with good entertainment facilities. As Australia operates a fleet of M1A1 AIM Abrams Main Battle Tanks, it was necessary that they procure its intended support vehicle. Between 2004 and 2005, Australia ordered 7 A2s, which began to be delivered in 2007. The majority of the A2s serve with the 1st Armoured Regiment of the 1st Brigade in Darwin, where the largest force of Abrams is based. After all of these pre-development trials, Bowen-McLaughlin’s design came through on top.


The galaxy is best observed in larger instruments, which reveal some of the details of its structure. Depending on the variant, Leopards and Challenger tanks weigh between 60 and 80 tons. Postcode Area helps people in all areas of the UK to locate and find postcode data and information for cities and towns in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. In conjunction with FixMyStreet, view problems around M8 8BE reported by local residents, including flytipping, graffiti, faulty street lighting etc. It will have a hoisting capacity of 40t (80,000lb), pick and carry capacity of 32t (64,000lb) and recovery capacity of 80t (160,000lb). The M88A3 recovery vehicle will have an overall length of 8.5m, width of 3.6m, and height of 3.1m.

In August 2021, the US State Department approved a potential foreign military sale (FMS) of five M88A2 Hercules vehicles to the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the US. The program for the M88 arose from a need for a suitable propulsion system for air-superiority and ground-attack missions. In 1983, Dassault Aviation planned to produce a technology demonstrator for the Avion de Combat eXpérimental https://www.gclub.co/blog/gaming-sites/ (ACX), which was expected to fly in 1986. Although the M88 was intended to be fitted to the definitive aircraft,[1] it was not expected to be ready in time, and the ACX was therefore initially powered by the General Electric F404. All distances are straightline distances, please consult the map of the facility to check the exact location. You can also view these details on our interactive services map for M8 8BE.

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